thesmartCPA and Verbotten Brewery

Success Stories of The smartCPA

The smartCPA™ is knowledgeable but not a “know-it-all.” It’s not about what WE know - it’s what YOU NEED TO KNOW to make wise financial decisions. We are up-to-date experts and visionary advisors, empowering you with the tools and strategies that work best for you.

The smartCPA fulfills your accounting and financial needs today and anticipates the future. We help you understand and apply financial concepts and measurements and teach you to use tools and software to generate meaningful, real-time information, so you can make smartDecisions.

We can “do it all” for you - from business strategies to billing accounts. Or you can “do it yourself” but not all by yourself – we can be your resource for training, support and advice on financial issues and transactions.
The smartCPA helps you plan for long-term outcomes that meet your financial needs and goals.  That makes you a smartClient!