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Barista Pro Shop

  • Coffee supply business

    23% growth in 2012! 1200 customers. 25 employees. 19 year-old company.

    Barista Pro Shop has been very successful, but I still seek professional help with my business and tax strategies.
    Ecommerce in multiple states makes my taxes more complicated, but Mueller and Associates CPA
    simplifies the whole process for me.
    - Owner Jay Weller

    Early on, Mueller and Associates CPA:
    • Consulted on strengthening and building a foundation for our business
    • Provided Quickbooks support, as a QB Pro Advisor, Diamond Level
    • Researched compliance with local and national taxes
    • Created a multi-state tax strategy and filings
    • Recommended a robust accounting system to track our multi-state sales
  • They continue to:   
    • Make sure the accounting system keeps pace with our on-line sales environment
    • Ensure compliance with all of our different taxing jurisdictions
    As we grow, they:
    • Share business strategies for making the company more effective
    • Provide validation and professional reinforcement of my ideas and actions

    They encourage and support people like me who want to grow and do business worldwide. With Mueller and Associates CPA taking care of our e-commerce multi-state taxes, Barista Pro can focus on expanding our distribution nationally, keeping our coffee supply sales steaming ahead!

    Barista Pro made the smart choice.  Toast the roast!