thesmartCPA and Verbotten Brewery


Verboten Brewing

  • After years of being complimented on our tasty home brews, we decided to offer "beer for all" and open a brewery.  Verboten Brewing in Loveland is a new venture co-owned by our two families - Josh and Angie Grenz and Joe Akers and me, his wife.  We know about making beer, but we’re new to being entrepreneurs, so we turned to thesmartCPA for business direction.  They like our beer and we like their advice!
    - Keri Akers

    Early on, we:
    • consulted with thesmartCPA, who provided financial direction and professional advice
    • received guidance on appropriate growth for our new business
    • were introduced to people and businesses in Loveland by Mueller and Associates CPA, who shared their connections in the community
  • As we grow, we:
    • receive QuickBooks support
    • review our books quarterly with thesmartCPA
    • use their tax service and strategies
    With thesmartCPA keeping our books legit, we can continue breaking the Reinheitsgebot while winning awards for our beers.  

    Verboten Brewing made the smart choice.  Zum Wohl!