White Orchid Bridal

  • White Orchid Bridal is the newest of the four stores I own in Estes Park, Colorado, including White Orchid women’s clothing store, The Spruce House and The Christmas Shoppe.  They all survived the great flood of 2013 and now feature a fresh assortment of wonderful, unique merchandise.  Please stop in - Estes Park is open for business!

    At White Orchid Bridal, I carry gorgeous wedding gowns and dresses from renowned designers and am constantly changing my selection, so it can be challenging to keep up with my inventory and books.  That's why I work with thesmartcpa.  The business and tax advice I receive from Mueller and Associates CPA always fits me perfectly, and when there's a return, they file it!

    - Diane Muno

    Early on, I asked Mueller and Associates CPA to provide:
    • Quickbooks support
    • Business consulting
    • Tax advice
  • When I expanded to three additional stores, thesmartcpa helped me:
    • with setting up and using QuickBooks point-of-sale software to track my sales, sales tax and inventory
    • with setting up a customer database
    • learn ways to enhance inventory control and protect my profit margins
    • to lower my taxes using different tax strategies
    • with financial direction to fulfill my business goals
    • review and discuss business ideas and strategies

    With Mueller and Associates CPA advising me on tax and business strategies and assisting in tracking inventory and sales, I'm able to focus on helping my customers make lasting memories and look breathtakingly beautiful.

    Diane Muno made the smart choice. Bella!